Yoga, Tanz & Lebenslust

BALLET UNLIMITED Dance Company by Sabine

Don't let anybody else limit your personal expression. You are unique.

Don't give a fuck about what other people think. Create your own art. Dance with us.

The BALLET UNLIMITED Dance Company by Sabine is an interdisciplinary and international project aimed to combine different styles of dance, a huge variety of dance cultures and body movement in general, designed for everyone to participate who loves dance and wants to share this love with the world.

The human world is in desperate need to find the song of life. The dancers of the company bring their song, their love for dance and their joy of movement, to the audience.

Everyone who is inspired by this idea is invited to join the company, no matter how much experience you have, no matter your age, no matter your body and your size, no matter your natural limitations or your limitations due to your health condition.

We will focuse on expressing different themes and motives through individual movement.

For joining our next project and for further information, contact us at mail (at) einhorntanzt.de.